Top 5 World’s Health Care Companies

health Care Companies

Top 5 World’s health Care Companies: Thank you for coming this page. Today we talk about Top 5 World’s Health Care Companies The health care industry is expected to sustain stable growth over the next decade for a variety of reasons. So take a look on top 5 world’s health care companies 

Top 5 World’s Health Care Companies

Express Scripts
Express Scripts holding company is the largest US pharmacy benefits manager, offering prescription services via retail market and home delivery. Being the largest in the industry, with over 1.3 billion claims last year, gives the firm superior supplier pricing powers. There is an increasing need for health care and pharmaceuticals, as advances in these industries are helping Americans to live longer and healthier lives. With its dominance in the pharmacy benefits management market, Express Scripts looks to be a good investment for any investor looking to the health care sector for long term growth.

Abbott laboratories is a diversified health care products company that focuses nutritious, diagnostics, generic drugs and medical devices, following the spinoff of the Abbvie prescription pharmaceutical segment in 2003. The company has recently implemented cost-cutting plans that should propel bottom line growth. This should provide growth for the company, especially in the emerging areas of Latin America and Russia.

United Health Group
United Health Group is the largest health care services company in the world, serving over 41 million individuals in the United States and 4.8 million in Brazil. The company provides a wide range of health care products and services, such as health maintenance organizations, point of service plans, preferred provider organizations and managed fee for service programs.
United Health has the largest and most diverse membership base within the managed care organization market, which gives it significant competitive advantages. It also has built its prescription drug business through its OptumRX division, which recently acquired Catamaran. This should now help the company grow, as it currently has 1 billion in annual prescription claims.
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Cigna corporation is one of the largest investor owned employee benefits organizations in the US providing HMOs, POS and PPOs to million of customers across 16 states. Cigna is one of the market leaders in the commercial self funded fee market, which is where most of the growth will originate for the large group insurance segment. In the firm recently decided to sell itself to Anthem at a highly favorable price that enhances shareholder value.

Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health is one of the leading wholesale distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and surgical supplies. The company distributes to chain drug stores hospitals, alternate care centers, and supermarket and mass merchandiser pharmacies. Cardinal plays a critical role within the pharmaceutical industry; many supply chain participants depends on its services for streamlined product distribution and procurement. This joint effort should enhance Cardinal’s negotiating power and fixed cost scale and allow both companies to see wider margins over the long term.

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