Top 7 Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood

Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood

Top 7 Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood: First of all thanks for coming this page. Today we talk about Top 7 Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood Hindi film industry is the one of the famous film industry in the world. The actor and actresses are also very famous in all over the world, there are many highest paid actors and actresses. Take a look on top 7 highest paid actresses in bollywood 

Top 7 Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood

The old age tradition of a women playing the second fiddle to a male lead has persisted in the Bollywood since its inception. However, this hasn’t stopped the Bollywood actresses from earning a huge sum. Well, with time we are now getting to see the Bollywood female actresses in more decisive and challenging roles. We can now see a definite change in the system. All thanks to some ultra talented ladies in the Hindi film industry who were brave enough to challenge the social norms. 
A supporting role or going to be the star of the movie, female actresses have their share of prosperity when it comes to adding some capital to their bank accounts. Although the fee of these Bollywood actresses can not be compared to the established male actors, the demand has been particularly high from the ladies depending upon the complacency of the work. 
Therefore, we find Top 7 Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood.

01. Deepika Pdukone
Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood                                                                                   Source:
There is no questioning the popularity of this highly talented Bollywood beauty, Deepika Padukone. She has to be on the top of the highest paid actresses list. She has slowly and steady evolved as an actress and has given tremendous performance in her Bollywood career.  
She is the one of the most searched actress on the internet today. Deepika Padukone rose to fame after making a strong debut alongside the superstar of the generation Shah Rukh Khan in the film titled Om Shanti Om. 

02. Kangana Ranaut
Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood                                                                                    Source:
The queen of controversies, Kangana Ranut is the second highest paid actress in the B-Town currently. She has taken the entire Hindi film industry by storm ever since her debut. The Bollywood beauty has exhibited a wide range of acting skills and versatility. She still manages to charge around 12 crore rupees per film. She has given films, Queen, Tanu Weds Manu, Gangster, Fashion, Krrish 3 etc.

03. Priyanka Chopra
Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood                                                                                                    Source:
The former Miss World, who won the prestigious beauty contest at the age of 17 decided to turn her attention towards the B-Town. Within no time, she flourished as an actress and commented her place in the highly competitive industry. Not only the Bollywood, but has made a name and fame for herself internationally. She is also one of the highest paid actress.

04. Kareena Kapoor Khan
Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood                                                                                              Source:
Kareena Kapoor is hailed in the industry is one of the longest serving actresses of the current generation. Kareena Kapoor has starred in several films and has a wonderful career in the Bollywood film industry. Her fees per movies are as high as 9 crore rupees per movie. Coming from an acting background, she has handled the pressure of giving stellar performances every time she walks out on the movie screen. 

05. Vidya Balan
Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood                                                                                Source:
Although she doesn’t appear on the movie screens as constantly as her other counterparts, she has made sure she chosen each of her movies and do equal justice to the role offers. Vidya has been a part of many hit movies like Bhool Bhulaiya, Lagy Raho Munna Bhai, Paa, Kahani etc. She still charges heavily, and producers have no issues paying a large sum for a prolific actress and a brilliant performer like Balan.

06. Katrina Kaif
Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood                                                                                    Source:
Katrina debut in the Hindi film industry with a flop film Boom, which didn’t create any impression on the Indian audience. She was relaunched by none other than the big heart Salman Khan, which helped her gain some momentum in her movie career. But now she has many fans all around the world and she charges per film 6-7 crore per movie.

07. Anushka Sharma
Highest Paid Actresses in Bollywood                                                                                            Source:
The beautiful Delhi based actress has been around the industry for quite a while now.  She has established a career in Hindi films, and is one of the most popular and highest paid actress in India. She is the recipient of several awards, including one Filmfare award from seven nominations. Anushka made her acting debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the highly successful romance Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, which earned a Filmfare award for the best actress. 
In addition to acting in films, She is the ambassador for multiple brands and products and has designed her own line on clothing for women. She supports various charities and causes, including gender quality and animal rights. 

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