Top 5 Best Hollywood Action Movies of 2017

Hollywood Action Movies of 2017

Top 5 Best Hollywood Action Movies of 2017: Thanks for coming this page. Today we discuss about Top 5 Best Hollywood Action Movies of 2017 The action genre is no linger made up of movies strictly meant to dominate the summer box office. Now they are released year around, and they still dominate the box office, but they are also getting smarter, are more sophisticated, and are attracting Oscar caliber actors who want to flex their talents and get big pay outs. So take a look on top 5 best hollywood action movies of 2017 

Top 5 Best Hollywood Action Movies of 2017
This year has seen new installment in beloved action franchises, some timely and gritty reboots, and the requisite super hero movies. But while these will all appeal to those looking for thrills and explosions, they manage to be superbly made as well.

01. Dunkirk
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Chistopher Nolan takes on the world war 2 epic with his trade mark intensity, incorporating his obsession with the complexities of time as a framing device for this look at the disastrous evacuation of British soldiers from the French seaside town that gives the film its title. Nolan views the historical events from very possible angle – land, sea, and air – and delivers an intense, terrifying, and incredibly suspenseful action – thriller that we’ll likely see copied for decades to come.

02. Wonder Woman
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Wonder Woman appearance on the big screen was a long time coming, and her first stand alone feature was well worth the wait. Patty Jenkins’s epic serves as an origin story for the Amazon superhero, and its third act has all of the typical comic book movie cliches.

03. Thor: Ragnarok
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One of the most woefully serious characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor was never primed to be a comedy star – that is until acclaimed director Taika waititi breathed fresh life in to the franchise, cutting the fat from the over wrought superhero genre and allowing Thor to flex some comedic muscles. Joined by the Hulk, Chris Hemsworth’s hero finds himself imprisoned on a strange planet where he must fight against his fellow Avenger in a gladiatorial battle for the delight of Jeff Goldblum’s Grand master – all the while trying to escape this torment in order to save his home from the deadly Hela.

04. Logan
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The latest in the dark and dreary anti-superhero genre finds our favorite mutant Wolverine laying low in the desert long after his X-Men cohort and other mutants have been exterminated. James Mangold’s hard R rated feature isn’t just brutally violent – it’s a tough, serious look at mortality, driven home by a character who we never thought would get old.

05. Baby Driver
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Ansel Elgort’s Baby, who is a driver, gets wrapped up in a complex heist in an effort to break free from his domineering crime boss. A musical masquerading as an action flick, Edgar Wright’s hit features a powerhouse soundtrack that flows from Baby’s iPod, with maneuvering sports cars tangoing in superbly choreographed numbers.

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