Best Tips For How to Stop Nails From Breaking

How to Stop Nails From Breaking

Best Tips For How to Stop Nails From Breaking: Thanks for coming this page. Today we tell you Best Tips For How to Stop Nails From Breaking Breaking a nail is frustrating, but nails that break often can be even more annoying. You may be tired of having to trim down all of your nails to match the length of the broken one. So take a look on best tips for how to stop nails from breaking 

Best Tips For How to Stop Nails From Breaking
There are somethings you can do to protect your nails from damage and encourage healthy growth. With time, you may be able to strengthen your nails and have fewer broken nails to worry about.

01. Keep Your Nails Trimmed:
Keeping your nails trimmed down may be a good solution if your nails keep breaking. You don’t have to stop wearing your nails long, but wearing your nails a little shorter might help. 
Clip your nails when they are soft, such as after taking a shower or bath.
You can also try soaking your fingertips in warm water for a few minutes before you trim that.

02. File the Edges So They Won’t Catch on Anything:
Rough edges on your nails may snag on your clothes and this can cause a nail to break. 
Files your nails in one direction.
File your nails once or twice per week, as well as any time your nails appear rough along the edges.

03. Use Tools:
One of the reasons why some people experience a lot of broken nails is because they use their nails in place of tools. Avoid using your nails to scrape things, open things, and do other things that you might do with a tool.
For example, don’t use your nails to open packages. Get a pair of scissors and cut them open. 
Or, if you notice that something is stuck to your desk, don’t use your nails to scrape it off.

04. Wear Gloves:
Doing household chores can sometimes cause a broken nail because of all of the water and chemicals that you might be exposing your nails to. Protect your nails by wearing a pair of latex or vinyl gloves whenever you are doing chores. 
You can also wear gloves any time your nails might get in the way or snag on something, such as when you are folding laundry.

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05. Apply a Base Coat:
If your nails are prone to breaking, then applying a base coat may offer some protection. Apply a layer or two of a clear base coat to protect your nails from breaking. 
Skip nails hardeners. These products can dry out your nails, which may cause them to break more easily. A standard, clear base coat is fine.

06. Avoid Biting Your Nails:
Biting your nails can also introduce infection causing bacteria in to the nail bed, so it is important to do what you can to quit biting your nails. 
Applying a bitter tasting nail polish.
Keeping your nails trimmed down.
Getting a manicure once per month.

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