Imran Khan Has Proposed Marriage To Bushra Maneka

Imran Khan Has Proposed Marriage To Bushra Maneka

Imran Khan Has Proposed Marriage To Bushra Maneka: First of all thanks for landing on this page. Today we have a big news for you. The news is Imran Khan Has Proposed Marriage To Bushra Maneka Let’s read  more about imran khan has proposed marriage to bushra maneka

Imran Khan Has Proposed Marriage To Bushra Maneka
Imran Khan Has Proposed Marriage To Bushra Maneka                                                                                                          Source:
As you know this is the 3rd time Imran Khan getting to be marry. The first marriage was held 1995 with Jemima Khan, 2nd marriage was held 2015 with Reham Khan and now the chairman pti imran khan again decide to be marry with Bushra Maneka. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf on sunday rebutted reports of the party chairman imran khan third marriage but said he has proposed marriage to a women named Bushra Maneka.
To set the record straight Mr Khan proposed marriage to Ms Bushra Maneka but Ms Bushra Maneka asked for take a time for final decision after consulting her family included her kids.
If and when the proposal is accepted by Bushra Maneka for the marriage. Mr Khan will announced publicly in the proper manner. Till then we request the media to give the two families especially Ms Bushra kids privacy.
Pti spokesperson Fawad Ch said earlier today the party would be issuing an important press statement on the reports of party chief marriage.
The news reporter on saturday that imran has secretly married on January Ist for a third time a women he used to visit for spiritual guidelines.
Pti leaders however rejected the report when SC deprives Imran Khan’s detractors from doing accusatory stories of corruption they create stories of his marriage somewhat pathetic too. twitted by shireen mizari.
Pti Awn Chaudhary called the piece irresponsible yellow journalism.
According to the news the pti chairperson started 2018 by typing the knot with the women on the night of January 1 in Lahore and came straight from there the next day to be appear before anti terrorism court in Islamabad that granted him bail. The Nikkah according to the article was performed by Mufti Saeed a member of Pti core committee who was also the Nikkah khawan when imran khan publicly entered into marriage with Reham Khan on January 08 2015 amid reporter of secret Nikkah in november 2014.

So there is no more doubts related to Imran Khan 3rd marriage after officially press release by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. Now the wait is only one thing the decision of Ms Bushra Maneka. If her decision is yes so Imran Khan officially announced of his marriage date.

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