Interview Katrina Kaif: I’m at Peace with Myself Now

Interview Katrina Kaif: I'm at Peace with Myself Now

Interview Katrina Kaif: I’m at Peace with Myself Now: Thanks for coming this page. Today we talk about Interview Katrina Kaif: I’m at Peace with Myself Now There is a popular prescription that Katrina Kaif is hesitant to open about her personal life. But every time we have met, she has been a delight to talk to her latest film Tiger Zinda Hai has put her right on top again. So take a look on interview katrina kaif: i’m at peace with myself now 

Interview Katrina Kaif: I’m at Peace with Myself Now
Interview Katrina Kaif: I'm at Peace with Myself Now                                                                                       Source:
When we last met, you accepted that your complete concentration wasn’t on your work. With TZH doing such great business, are you happy?

I’m extremely moved and super proud of the film that Ali Abbas Zafar has made. It’s been an incredible journey for him and me because he has made his directorial debut, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, with me. Now, he is so clear about his movie and his grasp on what he wants is impeccable. The fact that so many people have gone towatch the film and liked it is such a wonderful feeling. 

Have you ever gone back home and introspected why your films weren’t working?

I had loved the concept of Baar Baar Dekho as it was very interesting novel. Sometimes, you don’t understand why a movie didn’t work. With Jagga Jasoos, it was an epic journey. It was in the making for two and a half years. Dada had a beautiful vision and we did some amazing things. We don’t have answers to why the film didn’t work. But Dada is an amazing filmmaker and the next thing he does, I’m sure everyone will be able to connect with it.

This has come after a few movies which didn’t work. Does this success feel sweeter than the others?

Every time my film has done well or I’ve never got into a space where I haven’t taken these things seriously. If TZH is extra special, it’s because I wanted this journey and this movie to be as good. So, I don’t know if it’s sweater, but I definitely feels good.

There are fewer action roles written for women. Do you think that will change now?

It’s not just about action oriented roles. All the pieces in the puzzle need fit in to create the perfect picture. The action sequence that I did in TZH definitely one of the highlights because All designed it that way. But there are so many other incredible things in the film which makes it an overall great viewing experience for the audience.

Shah Rukh Khan had said once that he will never cease to be a star. Have you ever thought  that someday everything might just stop or vanish?

I believe in the theory that what you think is what will happen. Also, after a point many people themselves want to step out of it. The film industry requires complete dedications. Of course, there are some people who balance work and life which is incredible.

Have you pictured yourself as a married woman?

Yes, Of course, I have. I’m no different. All that doesn’t matter. But what does matter is I know that when you do get married, it’s gonna add to your life. However, never lose yourself. You don’t have to lose yourself just because you have found someone.

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