Kaalakandi Movie Review: Saif Ali Khan Makes His Character Work in Fizzy

Kaalakandi Movie

Kaalakandi Movie Review: Saif Ali Khan Makes His Character Work in Fizzy: Thanks for coming this page. Today we talk about Kaalakandi Movie Review: Saif Ali Khan Makes His Character Work in Fizzy  Saif Ali Khan’s Kaalakandi is strewn with interesting takeaways. So take a look on kaalakandi movie review: saif ali khan makes his character work in fizzy 

Kaalakandi Movie Review: Saif Ali Khan Makes His Character Work in Fizzy
Kaalakandi Movie                                                                                      Source: bollywoodmdb.com
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Sobhita Dhulipala, Deepak Dobriyal, Akshay Oberoi, Kunaal Roy Kapur.
Director: Akshat Verma.
Rating: Three Star.

Delhi Belly Script writer Akshat Verma’s maiden directorial venture, in essence, possesses the madcap spirit that propelled the 2011 hit. Kaalakandi is set in Mumbai and focused primarily on more mature characters. So its tone, texture and treatment are markedly different. The film is primarily in English, with only two underworld underlings conversing in street level Hindi peppered liberally with expletives. It is clear that Verma is fascinated by mavericks and misfit.

Several other confused Mumbaikars have their already messed up lives thrown into further disarray in the course of a single night that see mishaps galore. A well heeled man receives a grim, point black medical diagnosis: his days are numbered, he is told. Another, carried away by a gun slinging Feroz Khan’s curry western act in Khotay Sikkey, accidentally shoots himself in the groin.

There is more, the partner in crimes hatch a get rich quick plan as they ferry bags of cash in a red hatchback – the plot ends in betrayal and quick comeuppance. Two men on a speeding motorcycle are knocked off their perches on a rain-washed road. And coitus interruptus mars an intended quickie in an upscale hotel room.

For cinema trivia geeks, Kaalakandi is strewn with interesting takeaways. The principal protagonist (Saif Ali Khan), who like the conscientious but dull bureaucrat Watanabne in the Akira Kurosawa classic lkiru, is diagnosed with stomach cancer and given only a few months to live. 

The character’s name isn’t revealed until the very end of the film, when he is drawn towards a comely wedding photographer. He could will be, like the self effacing Watanabe, just another Every man wasting away his life in the belief that being a “good person” is good enough. He does not smoke, does not drink, and has never done drugs except when his friends tricked him in to eating a brownie laced with marijuana. It was an accident. So it wouldn’t count as a transgression, he reason.

In another part of town, another pair have their own seemingly insignificant issues to deal with. The couple weighs the pros and cons of the girl leaving for the US for higher studies. The girl is all for it. But the boy frets: why are you so gorgeous? The white boys will fall for you.
Kaalakandi may not be for all palates, but the film has enough spice for those in the mood for an off the beaten track Bollywood experience. 

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