Top 5 Most Expensive Football Players in The World

Most Expensive Football Players

Top 5 Most Expensive Football Players in The World: First of all thanks for visiting this page. Today we talk about Top 5 Most Expensive Football Players in The World Football is one such game that is loved and followed in each and every part of the world. So take a look on top 5 most expensive football players in the world 

Top 5 Most Expensive Football Players in The World

This sport records the highest number of spectators in all means. We have witnessed the birth of stars of present day football over a decade. These players have showcased their talent in the world stage and have gained recognition and appreciations. The football clubs are always keen to have the best players in their squad, so as to increase the chance of winning titles and fame. Thus, in the recent past some huge amounts have been stacked to rope in the sensational players of the game. 

01. Cristiano Ronaldo
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The real Madrid striker have always been in the business when it comes to grabbing the game from the opponents in the eleventh hour. It is hard to decide in a between Ronaldo and Messi, but keeping CR7’s current from in notice. It won’t be wrong to say that Portuguese stars sits back on the 1st position. He is most expensive football player in the world. 

02. Lionel Messi
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Argentina international footballer and very high profile Barcelona’s forward Messi is at no.1 position in our list. In the age of 29 years he deserves every bit of praise and recommendation that comes his way throughout the reminder of his career, Messi has changed world football forever, and reshaped the way in which we thought goals could be scored. Messi has scored a staggering 39 goals and nine assists in 26 games in this season, and he doesn’t look like slowing down either. A true champion of the soccer and without any doubt, truly the best striker in world football. Messi is also set to take over. He is also expensive football player.

03. Neymar
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This Brazilian forward or winning player is an emerging superstar in football. He plays for Spanish Club FC Barcelona and Brazil National team. He has shown immense potential in the International stage at very young age. He won FIFA Puskas Award for goal of the year in 2011. His contract with FC Barcelona made him one of the most expensive player in the world.

04. Gareth Bale
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After kicking off his career with Southampton as left back, Bale went on to get recognition as the free kick specialist. With several transfer and moves, the welsh star currently plays for the real Madrid, which is one of the best football clubs across the globe. Not to forget that he was the part of the recent Real Madrid side, who went on to win La Liga and UEFA Champions League. He is in 4th expensive football player in our list.

05. Luis Suarez
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At no.4 in our list we have Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz, he is a Uruguayan footballer who plays for premier league club live pool and the Uruguayan national team. No other player in the premier league has scored has scored more goals than the Uruguayan this year, 21 goals in 17 appearances, and his combination with Daniel Sturridge will be something that many reds fans will be very excited about looking forward. He is also one of the world’s expensive football player. 

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