How To Protect Yourself From The Effects Of Smog And Air Pollution

smog and air pollution

How To Protect Yourself From The Effects Of Smog And Air Pollution: First of all thanks for landing this page. Today we discuss about How To Protect Yourself From The Effects Of Smog And Air Pollution Smog is one type of outer pollution that can cause particular problems foe people with existing health problems, including chest, lung and heart complaints. So take a look on how to protect yourself from the effects of smog and air pollution

How To Protect Yourself From The Effects Of Smog And Air Pollution
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Out door air pollution could be responsible for 3.3 million premature death across the globe every year, according to recent research published in the scientific journal, Nature. They tell us how smog can affect your health and how to protect yourself.

What is Smog
Smog is a dense layer of stagnant air which from near ground level when air pollution is high. It is more common in in built up cities with dense traffic or in areas near industry with high emissions. This harmful substance is created when sunlight reacts with gases, such as industrial emissions or car exhaust fumes, in the lower atmosphere.
Smog is made up mainly of ozone but is also contains other harmful substances, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and PM10s.

How Does Smog And Air Pollution Affect Your Health
“Some people are more sensitive to the effect of smog and air pollution than others, including those with existing chest, lung or heart complaints. The first health signs of smog may be irritation in the throat, nose, eyes or lungs and breathing may be affected.
According to Asthma UK, about two third of people with asthma find that pollution triggers their symptoms. High levels of pollution have been linked to an increased risk asthma attacks and low peak-flow readings, so it’s important for asthmatics to keep their inhalers at hand during smog attacks.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Smog And Air Pollution
If you have respiratory issues that are affected by smog and air pollution – or simply want to protect yourself or your children from the potential health effects – here are some practical tips to help you.

01. Keep up to date with water forecast and smog throughout the year.

02. If the air quality forecast is poor, where possible, avoid the affected areas. If this is too difficult, stay indoors and keep your windows closed.

03. Avoid exercising in smoggy conditions, particularly at middy when ground ozone levels are at their highest. Try to change the times you exercise to morning or evening.

04. If you have asthmatic or have COPD, carry your inhaler at all times. If you notice any rapid deterioration in your condition, consult your doctor.

05. If you have respiratory conditions and need to travel on smoggy days, avoid congested areas where you may get stuck in traffic jams. Road junctions can be a hotbed of exhaust emissions to keep your windows closed. Airports, seaports and industrial areas also tend to have high levels of pollution to avoid these too.

06. If you’re walking or cycling to work, plan a route that avoids too many areas that are built up or congested.

07. Keep your own emissions to a minimum. Avoid unnecessary car journey in cities, don’t rev up or leave your engine running for a long time out side your home on cold days or when stuck in traffic jams.

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